For decades Arta Johnson was the informal ‘corporate memory’ of LaRue’s history.

Over the last 7 or 8 years of her life, Arta sometimes sat in on Rebecca’s class, Law 315: Business Associations. While she mostly was there as an ‘auditor’, she was also available to talk with students about some of the challenges of business associations law, from the perspective of a shareholder, officer, and director. She was also able to talk with them about some of the challenges of corporate birth, governance, change, and litigation. It was a pleasure having her there. In the fall of 2020, when all University classes were online, Arta continued to attend, but via zoom. In that context, Rebecca and Arta recorded a number of video conversations, with the goal of having them available for the students to view during the course.

What follows are a series of taped conversations between Arta and Rebecca, in the context of Rebecca’s Business Associations Class. Full disclosure from Rebecca: “I had intended to edit this footage, to cut out bumpy spots, and break the footage into smaller segments dealing with particular issues. As it happened, things went sideways, with Arta first breaking her shoulder at the beginning of December 2020, being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in March of 2021, and passing away three months later.

So here they are in their unedited form. Hopefully they will be a enjoyable listen for people interested in listening to Arta talk generally about the place of “business associations” in her life, and specifically about the early years of LaRue Investments, Ltd.

n this first 13 minute video, recorded on September 15, 2020, Arta is introduced (on zoom) to Rebecca’s Law 315 Business Associations class. She is joining from her house on Lot 3, on Annis Bay, BC in Secwepemculucw. Rebecca is joining from her basement home office in Victoria, BC, in Lekwungen and WSÁNEĆ traditional territory.

What follows are a number of conversations with LaRue about its history.